Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Exercises?

I've been neglecting Gili's exercises almost as much as I've been neglecting posting.  I got sick again.  She's been sick.  And I started another blog, a cooking blog, part of embracing my stay-at-home-mom-ness.  Gili has been fussy, but she still likes her jumper, so she's been in there much more than recommended.  I'm feeling a guilty about some of the new physical therapy suggestions we're not taking, so I thought I should at least right down what I remember. 

Nili wants us to roll up towels to simulate the big foam column and have Gili sit on it while we slowly tilt her side to side.  I think it encourages her balance.  She also wants us to try the crawling/all fours position with her knees on a hot water bottle (not actually hot), again for her balance or something like that.

I am really anxious to get her into "rehabilitation day care" now.  It's a lot of work keeping the house together, trying to keep us all healthy, and dragging us to the doctor when we're not.  I'll be so relieved when her daycare providers are taking care of most of her therapy.  Sunday we have our hearing with the Ministry of Social Services - Betuach Leumi.  They will determine if Gili is worthy of special services and the monetary stipend given to officially "special needs" kids.

I need to get dressed and buy diapers now.  Maybe I should further embrace my stay-at-home-momming and make my own cloth diapers!  Or maybe not.  I hope by our next PT appointment on Thursday I have time to try some of Nili's suggestions.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to get Gili what may be her last blood test for a long time.  No more every week or every month finger pricks!

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