Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dog Ate My Homework

Just like the piano teacher who knows when you didn't practice, Nili wasn't happy with my excuses that we were sick and Gili was teething.  My husband found a new tooth on the BOTTOM left side.  Everytime I saw signs of teething I was feeling around on top, and that bottom tooth just snuck right up on us. 

One of the techniques I forgot about was to use water wings (floaties) to hold Gili's arms when we are practicing crawling, and to hold her legs for the standing exercises.  Our main homework this week is to increase the amount of physical therapy we do.  Unfortunately, while I've prioritized PT appointments above all else, I haven't given the same attention to Gili's exercise sessions at hame.  I go to bed thinking, "I'll wake up early tomorrow and clean the house and do all the laundry."  I don't usually put Gili's exercises as the priority for the day.  Maybe that's because I have nothing physical to show for it.  At the end of the day when I'm tired, I earn more points with my husband if he can see the work I've done.  I feel like he won't be so happy if the dishes and laundry are piling up and it looks like I was rolling around on the floor all day, even if it's subconsious.  I guess we both need to work on our priorities.

Nili suggested two 20 minute sessions in the morning, and two in the afternoon.  I told my husband we need to up our game.  One of the consiquences of spending less time on PT at home, is that while Gili's strength and skill is slowly progressing, her stamina would be much inproved if I pushed her past her usually fussy point, which is often a few minutes at home.  You can see from her pictures, what she usually looks like within 20 minutes with Nili.

Nili doesn't seem very confident that the Ministry of Social Services will give us the answer we want after our hearing on Sunday.  She wanted to make sure we wouldn't give them too optomistic of a report.  She's starting to talk about what we will do if we don't get in.  I had a lot more confidence, but she's making me nervous.

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