Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thinking About Crawling

On Sunday I had one of my longest phone conversations with my grandparents - over seven minutes.  They live in Florida and I try to call them about once a week.  I generally give them the positive side only, ei. Gili and Big Bro are healthy today.  (As opposed to I have tonsillitis and Big Sis has an ear infection.)  I tell them about my husband's more interesting clients/jobs, and I try to tell them something about each kid.  This week I was excited to tell my grandmother that Gili was "thinking about crawling."  She asked happily, "She's starting to crawl?"  I clarified, "No, she's just thinking about trying to crawl."  But for me it's wonderful to see her acting less "content."  Not long ago she was only rolling in one direction without much intention.  Now it seems like she's making some effort to move in a specific direction or do different things with her body.  I love to see her trying!


And here is a picture of Gili's new set up with a mirror in front of her jumper.  If you were that cute, wouldn't you want to jump in front of a mirror every day?

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