Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dad Takes Charge

Monday morning I stalked the ENT's waiting room with my 102 degrees F fever until a nice Russian doctor saw me.  He sent me to the ER for what I thought were some tests and a specialist's opinion, but they decided I needed to stay to be treated with antibiotics for five days!  I got out early on good behavior, and probably because of the way I answered the doc's questions during my morning check:

ENT: Your throat is still very red.
Me: It's always like that.
ENT: Well how do you feel?
Me: Better.
Nurse: You see her eye?
ENT: Yes, I see it...
Me: I think I just got an eye lash in it, I was rubbing it, do you see anything?
ENT: I don't see anything. You can put... (searching for the word)
Me: Saline?
ENT: Yes, that's fine.  So, you want to go home?

I ended up back at my regular doctor that afternoon so he could check out my eye, which he determined was infected.  So I went in with tonsillitis, and now I have an eye infection in both eyes.  My main goal today was tackling the laundry, changing our sheets, and trying to sanitize our environment since we've all been sick.  I'm looking forward to opening the windows as the weather cools.  We have big windows on three sides of our apartment, for a nice cross breeze to air out the house.

In the mean time my husband has taken over.  He's always been great with the kids and the house work.  He pretty much does everything except the laundry, which I don't like him to mess with.  And he doesn't cook as healthy as I do, but he cooks, cleans, bathes the kids, gives them lots of attention and intellectual stimulation.  and now something new:

Wednesday he organized places for Big Sister and Big Brother after school and took Gili to her PT appointment.  He said he learned a lot and it was very eye opening.  And this evening he took real initiative with her exercises!  I hope it lasts.  It's hard work, not just to find the time, but the physical coordination.  I need all the help and encouragement I can get, so I'm thrilled to see him getting on board.

He also managed to read the EEG report and it seems that it came back with no findings.  That's good, right?

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