Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ten Month Report - 2

Gili is sleeping in her new (hand-me-down) crib!  Both the sleeping and the crib are reasons to celebrate.  Now we can pass along the bassinet/mini-crib we borrowed.  This is her third night sleeping with Big Sis and Big Bro and it's working out great.  I've had a theory that she sleeps better when other people are sleeping in the same room.  Like we give off sleep pheromones or something.  Well my kids see to have some strong stuff, because the last two nights she woke up and went back to sleep on her own.  I think I'm finally past being up with her at 1 or 2 am!  I'm also looking forward to cleaning my room while she's sleeping.

I'm very tired, but I want to give a summary of today's events before I forget.

She hears!  Nancy, the audiologist originally from the Washington DC area, says the report is pretty much the same.  She performed better than last time, in my opinion.  She scored a 20 (3 months ago it was 30, I think 10 is normal) and she probably still has some fluid in her ears.

We saw Dr. Dov Inbar, a Neurologist and Child Developement Specialist with 30 years experience.  He is also a visiting professor at Einstein Medical Center in New York.  He looked at her and scored her on his developmental chart.  She is hypotonic.  She scored a 45 on his D.Q. scale, with 100 being average.  She is considered to have severe global delay.  I may post his report after I have it translated.  The break down was: Gross motor skills <5 months,  fine motor <4, speech/language <5, social adaptive <4.  He explained that in the regular medical system Gili wouldn't get more than once a week physical therapy, and she needs much more than that.  The only way she can get that is to get her into a day care center for special needs children.  There she can get all the therapy she needs.  There are two not too far from us and transportation in included in welfare/social services package.  Apparently we're also entitled to 2000 NIS (approx $230) a month on top of the other services.  He said the idea is that in America you get more services, but in Israel they feel the services are lacking, so they give you money to buy extra services.  So far I see nothing lacking, but he gave examples like hiring someone to give extra help in school or to give the child extra attention so you are not taking time away from your other children.  He wrote us a letter explaining his findings and printed copies for the different government branches to which we need to apply.

We also met with a social worker named Frieda.  We were really treated like royalty today.  She took down a summary of our case, including family situation.  She explained to me a little about how the developmental departments work together, the special day care, and what she can do for us.  She explained the process of applying to the two government branches and what we need, and she wrote down everything carefully in English and Hebrew.  She also helped me fill out the forms, which were only in Hebrew.  She called both offices; made me an appointment in one, and explained to both that I would need extra help as I don't know Hebrew and don't understand much about the system.  I will explain more about this when in a couple months, but basically:

We start with the social security office.  We bring all the documentation of her situation to apply.  They eventually call us back for an interview in front of a committee about two months later.  I think the process of getting approved basically labels her for all the future services she might need.  That's also where the money comes from.
Then go to the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services.   We will meet with a social worker named Chana.  I think she helps us start the process of getting into the special day care and any other services she may eventually need.

So I now have letters  from Dr. Inbar, Frieda, and Nili - the Physical Therapist, for the applications.  I also have more appointments!  An EEG Tuesday (because of the little seizure), the new social worker in the welfare office - Chana on Sunday, Nili Monday, a BERA in two months, and Dr. Inbar again in three months.

It seems that many of my original questions are getting answered faster than I expected.
And now I need to go to bed. 

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