Monday, September 20, 2010

Physical Therapy Pictures and Homework

Gili made some good progress this week getting up on her knees briefly to scootch forward, usually with help.  She is just starting to vocalize more sounds like, "addah."

She cranked out less than half way through physical therapy today.  It is hard for her to do more than 10-15 minutes.  It is also hard to get the appointment to land between her sleeping and eating.  Nili used the work "proximation" to describe when she puts weight on her shoulders or limbs.  Here is our new homework:

- Have her sit with her legs forming a circle, then flip on leg back to the side so she sort of leans in one direction.
- Wrap a large soda bottle in a towel and roll her on top of it.
- Find a toy like a miniature punching bag that will pop back in place when she swats at it.
- Rub her face, press in with some force, and massage her face, gums, and limbs.
- Put some biscuit crumbs on baby food on her cheeks just outside her mouth to stimulate her mouth.
- Put scotch bright pads on the outside of her bottle.  Put her hands on it when I feed her and put my hands over it.


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