Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Things to come

Last Friday Gili bit me hard enough to draw blood and make me scream in public. Yesterday she crawled (so happy she's finally crawling!!) into her new favorite place, the bathroom. She was sitting/laying right on the other side of the door blocking it. I gently pushed it open, but somehow hurt her and I couldn't calm her. She was flailing around and I had to bring her to my husband to help. I'm petite, less than 5 ft tall. I knew that we would have bigger problems as she got bigger, but it's really becoming reality now. Maybe I should join a gym, lift some weights, and prepare for Gili's future needs.

I had a talk with my kids today. They only want to help with their oh so cute baby brother, and not with their strong, heavy, squirmy, snotty, bitey sister. I told them how we are such a special family, how G-d put Gili into our family because he knew we would be a good family for her and he knew they could be a good big brother and sister for her. I told them how we should feel honored that G-d gave us such a special sister and they need to step up. I hope some of it sticks. I could really use the help.

IMAGE LEFT: I take a lot of pictures of my kids and I usually only post the ones where Gili looks less "retarded." But the truth is that her eyes are usually crossed, her fisted clenched, and her jaw in a strange grimace. I think it's probably getting obvious to most people on the street that she is "special." So I might as well start sharing pictures of what she looks like most of the time. Beutiful blue eyes, porcelain skin, and all the moving parts just slightly "off kilter." So on facebook I might share the most "normal" looking split seconds on film, but this seems like a good place to start sharing the other 95% of her life.

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