Saturday, April 21, 2012

Crawling, Eating

So much to say, so little time! Gili started crawling this week! Like, more than two "crawls" at a time! It's hard to catch her on film, but I got her to crawl to the computer with my parents on Skype.

A couple months ago Gili's teacher sent home her box of formula because she is eating enough real food during the day. She still drinks a few bottles at home but her progress is incredible. My husband has been especially helpful. In the past he didn't think the mess was worth the experience, but in the past six months he's taken much more initiative in feeding her at least one or two real food meals a day. He makes no secret that she is his favorite person and #1 priority. Little Bro is still crazy about his dad, but we do sometimes get annoyed at getting only the leftover time and attention. Little Bro likes to be held ALL the time, so I haven't had so many opportunities to give Gili the masages I used to.

Gili was officially accepted to a new school, "Akim," for the next three years. It is smaller and doesn't have a pool, but it seems like a nice place. Not that we have much choice.

I think we got to the point where most of the time we go out people can tell Gili is different. I will eventually quit not posting pictures where she looks "retarded." Hey, a quarter of the pictures on facebook have "red-eye," why should both her eyes have to point the same direction?

We took a real family "tiyul" during Passover. We went to a local national park with a couple friends. Gili enjoyed the breeze and the picnic. My husband and I were exhausted. We took the little ones home and let Big Sis and Big Bro finish the tiyul with our friends. They are big enough to take a cab home at the end of the trail. We had to walk back to the bus stop to take the bus with the double stroller.

Now we are looking into bed solutions. Little Bro is ready for a full size crib, so instead of buying a second crib, it makes sense for us to look at longer term solutions. We think the best solution would be to move Gili into the bottom bunk of the bunk beds we have and use some sort of mesh to keep her safe. Then we can move Big Sis (or maybe Big Bro) into the guest room whenever we don't have guests. Oh, how I want a bigger apartment. I actually looked at a lovely little place, but that's another story. We're staying in our 2.5 bedroom apartment at least until the summer. The "half" we call our guest nook. It's sort of a balcony/hall. It gets too warm and too cold for comfort. But I think Bog Sis can handle it. It already has a bed and dresser for when one of our parents visit.

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