Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gili's Got Skills

My husband and I and Gili's teachers are all very happy with her progress in every area except eating.  We do miss her.  My husband dropped her off and came back home and told me it's not fair that they get to spend all day with her and he has to go to work.  But for her sake, I know she's getting what she needs.  They never use an excuse to strap her in a chair or a stander.  Unless she's sleeping, her teacher, helpers, or therapists are always interacting with her. 

My husband bought a guitar a couple weeks ago and he started playing for Gili in the evenings, after the kids are in bed.  He sits on the bed in our unlit room playing in the glow of his laptop screen.  She lays next to him on our feather duvet and looks like she's in heaven.

On Tuesday night we were talking to my grandparents.  Yes, my 79 and 80- year old grandparents have a webcam!  We were at the table with Gili on my lap, my husband still working in his "office"/front wall of our bedroom, and the kids were finishing up their dinner veggies.  We were talking about Gili eating.  I hold them she "tasted" four spoonfuls of baby food fruit in school, but doesn't really eat anything, and then I handed her a green bean.  And guess what!?  No, she didn't gobble it all up and say "thank you for making this for me, Mommy," like Big Bro.  She passed it between her hands!!  I started screaming.  I know, she's 14 months, so I can't share this excitement with most of my aquaintances.  But it was like a dream where your one-year-old talks.  I was just screaming.  "Look!  Look!  She's doing it! Oh my G-d!"

Her teacher says Gili can stand with just a little support on her hips.  She can sit/balance upright briefly. And, I noticed that I can hold her on one his and she can hold her self up!  Physically, I see great things and I am started to believe Professor Amir that she could walk at two.  But I wish I knew how much she understands.  Will she ever have normal friends?  Can she marry someone I can be proud to call my son-in-law?  It's all a mystery.  For now, we just love her so much.

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