Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Terrible Sleeper

Usually I'm the one who delicately mentions some issue I've noticed with one of our kids, and waits for my husband to deny it for a while, before we finally get on the same page. But it was my husband who started this one. "Do you think Gili might need her tonsils out?" Not surprising, given that Big Bro and Big Sis both had theirs out; I'm waiting to get mine out; and it seems pretty common for CMV kids.

Bed I want for Gili.
But Gili can't wait any longer. We hold her a good portion of the night to help her sleep better. She officially has "disruptive sleep apnea." And she's refused solid food for the last three days. And for her, "solid food" is mashed banana with baby cereal, applesauce, yogurt, mashed avocado, oatmeal, tehini... We're sending her back to school tomorrow, so maybe they can get her to eat.

She's sleeping on me now and I'm going to attemp to put her down and get some sleep.

Walker Gili is trying out
No luck. I'm back. Someone in our CMV Facebook group posted this special bed that looks perfect for Gili. Exactly what she needs. Security without being in a cage. But it would cost $350 just to ship it to Israel, not to mention customs, on top of the cost of the bed.

We're also trying to get Gili a specialized walker. We did all the paper work but for some reason the Ministry of Health denied our request completely. So we'll just have to jump through some more hoops, but I don't think we'll have to pay for it on our own.

So, besides the material goods I'm coventing...
Gili has been clappng for a few weeks now. Not very purposefully, but she is getting her hands to meet in the middle. Today I had her in her high chair while I made her a bottle. She was pretty hungry. When I walking by with the bottle she lunged for it! I'm going to call that communication.

Her teachers say she is making progress. She explores the classroom. And her teachers call to say they miss her smile when she's out. I think she really lights up her class like she lights up our life!

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