Monday, August 13, 2012

Gross Motor Function Classification System for cerebral palsy (GMFCS)

Tracy McGinnis of the Brendan B. McGinnis Congenital CMV Foundation posted this GMFCS PDF link to our CMV Mommies group on Facebook. It describes how they classify the severety of Cerebral Palsy, at least in the US. Check it out!

I think Gili would be classified as lavel 3, but she might reach into the level 2 category.

LEVEL III: Children maintain floor sitting often by "W-sitting" (sitting between flexed and internally rotated hips and knees) and may require adult assistance to assume sitting. Children creep on their stomach or crawl on hands and knees (often without reciprocal leg movements) as their primary methods of self-mobility. Children may pull to stand on a stable surface and cruise short distances.
Children may walk short distances indoors using a hand-held mobility device (walker) and adult assistance for steering and turning. 

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