Monday, July 23, 2012

Gili's first AFO's

Gili got her first pair of "tzadeem" (meaning steps or steppers) today. They are pink with butterflies. She will wear them for half an hour today, twice for half an hour tomorrow, and work her way up during school hours until next week she wears them home and eventually keeps them on all day. She looked a little uncomfortable in them, but her assistant, Nina, said most of the kids do in the beginning. Here are pictures of her with her teacher Adina.

Nina is holding an iPad to entice Gili to lift her body up. You can see Lil Bro in the bottom right. After the AFOs come off each day, they will put alcohol on Gili's legs to help dry or toughen up the skin to make it easier for her to have the plastic on her legs all day.

The company that made Gili's Ankle Foot Orthosis is called Stride. Vivienne (a native English speaker) came to Gili's school to fit her last week. Then she came back today to try them on and finish them up (cutting off the extra toe room.)  The physical therapist, Anna, will give use further instruction next week so we can make the most of them over summer vacation.  Now I am going to order some special shoes that are specially designed for use with AFOs, called Hatchbacks, and also get her some special socks.

Above is a picture I took at the end of year party of Gili's teacher, assistants. and physical therapist.

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