Friday, May 27, 2011

Video of Gili in School

Haven't had much time to write, but here is video I made for my family:

Rotem plays about two toys with her each session to encourage her to play and explore objects in ways besides putting them in her mouth.  She also feeds Gili about once a week.

Lihi is working with Gili in the dark room.  Mostly because it is quiet.  She is trying to encourage her to voice or sign that she want more or to do something again, so basically they have fun and then pause and wait for her to do something.

The last two weeks I also sat in on Gili's reflexology session with Elena.  She really loves that, and Elena was showing me things also.  It is very interesting.  She showed me the zones of the foot and told me about doing things on separate parts of her body at the same time to work both hemispheres of her brain.  For instance, she might rub her right foot with her left hand.  Elena also plays classical music during the session, which Gili seems to really enjoy that.

I bought Gili a Baby Mozart CD, which she loves, but I'm ordering a better mix of real classical music.

Another occupational therapist, Rut or Ruthi, is filling in for Rotem while she is on maternity leave.  I also wanted to write the names of other staff before I forget:

Vered is the principal/therapy coordinator; she will decide what class Gili will be in next year.  Sharona runs the office.  Kedem is the social worker; she can help us get what we need.

Shelly is one of the classroom helpers who was working mostly with Gili.  She is so in love with Gili and takes special care of her, including all the non-lazy precautions to prevent her diaper rash.  She is tall and outgoing, speaks English, and is also a student, but not working in that capacity at the school.

Hadas is Gili's helper now.  She seems much younger and soft spoken.  I saw her feed Gili and it seemed to go just fine.  I just don't see her cuddling and kissing her and telling her, "who loves you the most?" like Shelly.  But I don't think I would do that if the kids mother was in the room, either.  Shelly still plays with Gili when her main responsibilities are sleeping or with therapists. 

Gili clapped spontaniously a few times in the last week.  I started working on that with her since I noticed she could keep her fists open.

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