Saturday, April 9, 2011


I forgot to write in my other post:  Gili started saying "bababa" last week.  Until then she has been talking without any consonants, as if she had been raised by whales.  We still enjoy her happy screeches and other amusing noises, but this step toward normal baby communication development is quite exciting.

I also wanted to mention that Gili will be a big sister when she is about two weeks shy of her second birthday.  In the beginning I didn't care at all about gender and just wanted a healthy baby, but after seeing that healthy looking ultrasound, I started thinking that I'd like a boy.  Big Sis and Big Bro have made their preference clear that it should be a boy.  I would like to have two boys and two girls, but I would also like there to be less comparison between Gili and her little sibling.  My older kids are 19 months apart and people would ask if they were twins.  (If you knew anything about baby development or opened your eyes, they obviously weren't.)  Now I suspect I will get comments about how close in age Gili and the baby are.  People won't believe they are two years apart.  If I have a boy it will seem less strange if Gili's little brother is bigger than her in a few years.  But if we have a girl, I think Gili will look very frail in comparison.  Well, it's not up to me and I obviously have too much time to think.  G-d willing, a healthy baby!

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