Sunday, August 29, 2010

Progress with Improvised Exercises

Over the last couple days I've seen Gili get up on her knees a few times.  Not quite the pre-crawling rocking back and forth I would hope for by this age, but very briefly getting up on her knees and shoulders or knees and elbows.  Maybe it is pre-scooting.  Either way, it is very exciting because it seems like she has come a long way in the last week with the little exercises I'm doing with her.  She also has begun rolling in the other direction.  Oy, she just threw up a little.

Unfortunately, I've noticed two worrisome things.  (Leave it to me to find things to worry about!)  Her eyes seem to be getting worse.  Before they were just cute cross-eyes, and a slight feeling that they lacked alignment.  But today one of her eyes seemed to wander more noticeably and it's a little creepy.

I also noticed that her left arm seemed a little stiff, but after gently playing with her a little I was able to get her to straighten it a few times.  I think I will continue to do some gentle stretching with her arms and legs and pay more attention to her flexibility.

She still seems sick.  I'm constantly suctioning yellowish mucus from her nose.  But she hasn't had a fever in at least a week and  half and she seems happy today.

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